Thursday, June 13, 2013

Where are we? ... and why?

So far there hasn’t been much in the way of adventure in 2013.  Spring passed without a road trip, as work dictated otherwise.  However I managed to sneak away for a long weekend recently, and discovered this very interesting area:
From Google Earth; click on photo for more detail.
Few people would consider this part of the country a geo-destination ...
... but it is.
Sparky walks in the tracks of giants.
We found siliceous gravels from events far away and long ago (actually fairly recently, geologically-speaking).
In some places there were lots of plants ...
... even on buildings! ...
... but they were pretty sparse where we hiked.
And there was sky everywhere -- immense, blue and beautiful.

Geo-challenges always attract lots of readers, but rarely does anyone respond to the challenge.  If you think you know where we were, please leave a Comment.  I will publish any received next week, along with the rest of the story.  [Update:  the rest of the story is now available here.]


  1. My guess is somewhere in Nebrasky. I'm cheating though!


  2. 42.855N, 103.620W Toadstool Geologic Park, Oglala National Grassland. Zoomed right in to it in Google Earth with a little help from Helen's hint.

    1. That's it. Neat spot ... did you ever go there when you were in this part of the continent?

    2. Sadly no. On all of my trips between Hays, KS and the Black Hills we'd head up via the Sand Hills and Valentine, NE in order to begin the geologic circuit with the White River Badlands and our return was from Hot Springs directly to Hays via 385 and Chadron, NE.