Saturday, November 12, 2022

Tree-following Therapy

Quaking aspen near Pole Creek, Laramie Mountains, November.
It's November, and in the Laramie Mountains much of the color is gone. We're left with black, brown, gray, white, dark green (needles), and blue (sky). Somehow photos look better in black-and-white.

Off to see the poplar tree :)
Not pleased with short days, and especially not pleased with so much time needed indoors lately, I felt much better after visiting the old balsam poplar I've gotten to know this year. We're lucky to have the Happy Jack Trailhead just 15 minutes from town!

And of course we visited the Carboniferous Pond, for meditation and exploration. Along the margin I spotted some color—green buttercup leaves, still making carbohydrates before winter sets in.
 Ranunculus gmelinii, the lesser yellow water-buttercup; leaves are 0.5–1 inch across.

This is my monthly contribution to the gathering of tree-followers kindly hosted by The Squirrelbasket. More news here. For more about tree-following, see this post. Consider joining us—it can be very therapeutic!