Sunday, February 14, 2021

Tree-following 2021: Flash and Spike

This year, I'm following two trees that moved into my yard last summer. After I paid a modest fee to Rooted in Laramie, two Tiger Tree employees showed up, unloaded, dug, planted, filled and secured them to face the Wyoming wind. I think they did a good job; the trees are still standing. I named them Flash and Spike for their looks.

Flash is a maple with bright red samaras (winged seeds), even in summer when it has dark green leaves. Hard to imagine right now.

Spike is a hawthorn, and will provide dried berries for birds through the winter.

Looking ahead: Flash and Spike at maturity (photos courtesy City of Laramie).

This is my first 2021 contribution to the monthly gathering of tree-followers  kindly hosted by The Squirrelbasket. Join us!