Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Tree-following in April—Peak Laziness

My trees, Spike and Flash, have done nothing that's obvious to humans. I give them water during warm spells, hopefully they're putting it to good use. I check the buds most days. But this morning I just took a photo through the window, which explains the faint grid. That's Flash on the left, by my truck; Spike on the right.

Again we have fresh snow, just like in my report a month ago. And again we're happy. Everything has been so dry here in the Laramie Valley.

Travelers are not happy however. Again Interstate-80 is closed, another rolling closure. If you have 1:34 min:sec to spare, check out WYDOT's Ralph Tarango and Doug McGee explaining rolling closures. They do a good job. And "Remember, if there's ice & snow, take it slow!"
Curtis Street exit, Laramie, Wyoming (WYDOT).


  1. Soon bud burst will come and the world will turn green again.

    Here roads are almost never closed no matter how bad the winter driving conditions get. But maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea? Since the vast majority of drivers of course think that they are much better drivers than they actually are (so why take it slow?) inevitably the road ditches of every larger road at bad winter weather are scattered with crashed cars.

  2. It seems like a long wait for those leaves sometimes. Glad you're getting some snow/moisture - over here in the UK it's dry as a bone!

  3. As Andrew says, dry as a bone in the UK, but very sunny along with the cold winds from north and east.
    I still find it amazing how cold and snowy it is where you live.
    Hopefully spring is on its way to Wyoming.
    All the best :)

  4. It's been cold, and dry, here in London recently but thankfully no snow. I think that we'd all welcome some warmer weather. xx