Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Christmas in July and a Surprise!

Hotwings Maple indeed!
Flash, the maple, is looking very Christmasy, with a canopy of green leaves and red samaras (aka keys or whirlybirds).

The big surprise is Spark, the hawthorn, which I thought was dead last month. It's definitely alive! It has put out shoots along the trunk, from buds likely activated by damage to the upper part of the tree (which still looks quite dead).

Leafy shoots are clearly visible at the base of the dead crown. See the one below the lower tie?

There are quite a few shoots emerging, all the way to the base.
Always a fan of the underdog, I told the city arborist that I want to keep this tree ... or maybe now a bush.
Beginnings of a bush?

This is my contribution to the July gathering of tree-followers, kindly hosted by The Squirrelbasket. More news here.


  1. Cool! I'm happy to hear that Spark is alive! Flash is looking good.

  2. Pleased to see that Spark is still alive - mind you, hawthorns are tough old things!

    Flash looks absolutely fantastic with those red keys contrasting with the lovely green leaves.

  3. The maple is sure looking colourful. Good to see that hawthorn is alive and showing new shoots. xx

  4. What an amazing shade of red!
    And I love the way the hawthorn endures...sometimes all that is left is a stick and nature still finds a way...
    Best wishes