Friday, March 30, 2018

Happy Birthday, Emmie! (a Dog’s Tale)

During my 40 years of botanizing, I’ve had four canine assistants. The only traits they've shared are mixed-breed and extreme enthusiasm for field work. Otherwise, they’ve been quite different—each one very much its own dog.

The first three just showed up—dogs needing a home. But when four months passed after losing the third, and still no dog had applied for the job, I went looking.

I found Emmie on the Black Dog Animal Rescue website. Rather I found two candidates, but when I called, both had been adopted. Emmie was recommended when I said “field work, hiking, likes other dogs, people, kids.” I checked her webpage; the first sentence read: “Need more smiles and laughter in your life?” Yep, that’s the dog for me!
Emmie the Clown
Four generations of her favorite toy, ©AdventureAnimal snail.

I’m glad I went through BDAR. Obviously they know what they're doing, we're a great match. Em loves to hike, likes everyone she meets, explores non-stop.
Examining frost polygons below the summit of Medicine Bow Peak.
Checking out topographic inversion at Pawnee Buttes.
And she's fine with camping, even at the end of a hard day … as long as there’s a warm comfortable place to sleep.

I have fond memories of all my canine companions—dogs are just that way. If you're looking for that kind of joy, consider adopting a shelter/rescue pet. Save a life and make an animal's world wonderful … as well as your own!
Emmie with neighbor Ollie, two rescue dogs now living the good life.

Black Dog Animal Rescue in Cheyenne provides guaranteed safe and secure placement to homeless animals across Wyoming, promotes life-saving programs in communities, and advocates for animal welfare. The adoption program is foster-home based, meaning adoptable animals live with volunteer foster families.


  1. Awe, such a lovely tribute to Emmie and dogs everywhere. My Asher never did field work, but has been a friend and companion for 17 years and was also a rescue. Nice post!

  2. My field companion for many ventures was a rescue dog of uncertain mix. Loos like you have a good one.

    1. "uncertain mix" seems to be the way to go ... hybrid vigor? ;-)

  3. I've never had a dog, but I love them, and I hope to get one for my next pet. It's sad to think about it, but my two senior (17 and 15) cats are nearing the ends of their lives. I will never have two cats again, but I'd like to try one cat with one dog. The plan is both females--a DSH cat and a cockapoo dog. They're just about the right size and they're hypoallergenic. After that, I'll think about a rescue dog. My cats are both rescues. Emmie sure is a cutie!

    1. sounds like a good plan to me, Beth! should be fun :)