Wednesday, December 4, 2013

AW #63: Plants and Rocks, or Rocks and Plants

Photos courtesy Arthur Kruckeberg and Dan Poelma.
I’m hosting December’s Berry Go Round, a carnival for plant bloggers.  In my solicitation for posts I tried to encourage geo-bloggers to participate, as botany and geology often interact or are linked in some way.  Then I noticed that the Accretionary Wedge #63 geo-carnival was host-less.  I thought ... why not both?  My topic, Plants and Rocks or vice versa, was accepted making this the Bargain of the Year!  You can submit your AW contribution to the December BGR too.

To submit a post to the Accretionary Wedge, provide a link in a Comment below or tweet to @plantsandrocks.  UPDATE:  Deadline is the end of the month.  To join the December BGR, see the solicitation post for details.

Plants on Rocks 1
Cary's beardtongue grows only on calcareous sites in the Bighorn Mountains.  Photo by Andrew Kratz.
Plants on Rocks 2
Grassland - forest mosaic determined by bedrock; Devils Tower, Wyoming.
Rocks from Plants 1
Petrified Miocene logs, eastern Washington.
Rocks from Plants 2
Mining the remains of sub-tropical trees in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming.
Plants and rocks make lovely photos ...
Laramie columbine on Laramie granite.
... as do rocks and plants.
Precambrian stromatolites decorated with alpine wildflowers.


  1. For one of us who is fairly new as a reader of this site--I'm quite unclear on the concept of what you mean by a "geo-carnival" or blog carnival, what it is and what one is supposed to do... in honesty, never heard of these terms before, really! --- cheers, Pete

  2. Hi Pete, thanks for reading. Here's a definition I found for blog carnival: "A blog article that contains links to other articles covering a specific topic." So if you have a blog and put up a post about plants, or rocks and plants, just leave a link here as a Comment. A summary post with links to everyone's contributions will appear here shortly after the end of the year.
    happy holidays!

  3. Short Geologist at Accidental Remediation did a late entry, but doesn't seem to have left a comment...