Thursday, June 7, 2012

June’s Berry Go Round wants you!

It’s June, and In the Company of Plants and Rocks is hosting the monthly plant blog carnival at Berry Go Round.  Don’t run away geobloggers!  This carnival “covers all things botanical”, and there are plenty of geo-phyto convergences, for example --

fossil plants and plant fossils; left: ironwood, Lyonothamnus sp., Miocene

coal and other fossils fuels are made of plants; right: Utah’s State Rock

paleoenvironmental reconstruction; below: western Colorado in the Jurassic, featuring vegetation as well as charismatic megafauna (from Mygatt-Moore Quarry).
Or maybe you have a favorite field food recipe that features plants ... ?

Plant bloggers probably know BGR rules, but as a reminder and for those considering participating for the first time:
“Any kind of post related to plants is accepted, though we tend to reject purely horticultural posts.”

Submit by completing the online submission form.  If for some reason the online form doesn’t work, you can leave a link to your post as a Comment below.  Multiple contributions are fine.

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