Saturday, June 9, 2012

Gone to Camp

Plants and Rocks is taking a short leave of absence to go to summer camp, specifically the University of Wyoming’s annual Summer Music Camp, where music students ages 12 through 17 from across the region come for a week of learning and fun.
Yes ... I will be cooped up in a small room with teenagers and loud musical instruments.

The University of Wyoming has a fantastic set of Balinese gamelan instruments.  Chandra Wyoga, the Wyoming Gamelan, performs under the direction of Balinese gamelan master I Made Lasmawan.  Summer Music Camp gamelan performs under the direction of yours truly.
Chandra Wyoga performing on Simpson Plaza, UW; S Garnett photo.
We also play sikuris at Summer Music Camp -- Andean panpipes, aka zampoñas.  Note the durable copper pipes in photo above.
Sikuris de Wyoming, UW's Andean panpipes ensemble, uses traditional cane pipes.
A week of hard work culminates in performances for family and friends.  It’s really impressive how quickly these guys pick up the music, and they are a lot of fun with their positive outlook and teen energy.

Right:  able-bodied helpers set up the gamelan before class ... much appreciated!

Below:  Andean panpipes music is made to be played outside. We later "marched" around the parking lot, entertaining the construction workers there.

Selamat tinggal ... hasta luego!

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