Wednesday, May 16, 2012

News from a Blog Slacker

Fiddler crab, Montaña de Oro State Park on California's Central Coast.  Photo by Ronn Koeppel.
In planning this trip, I thought I would have all kinds of time to put together creative entertaining posts. Not the case ... too many fun things to do so I've been goofing off. Here are some photos for now; maybe I will get a real a post together tomorrow ... maybe.
Anemone, snails and Franciscan mélange; near Piedras Blancas on California's Central Coast.
La Puríssima manzanita, Arctostaphylos purissima, is endemic to sandy soils
in western Santa Barbara County, California.
Blue euphorbia, Euphorbia rigida, San Luis Obispo Botanic Gardens,  El Chorro Regional Park.  Coming to the Central Coast from early spring in Wyoming, the amazing colors I see every day are close to psychedelic.

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