Friday, May 25, 2012

Name that plant, name that rock ...

Still on the road and blogging is a hassle ... so here’s a simple quiz.  Do you know the plant and rock in the photo above?  Common name and rock type will suffice; “extra points” for scientific name and formation.  Answers will be posted after I’m home in a few days.

Here are some photographic clues.
Have you figured it out?  If not, maybe a distance shot will help ... note the growth forms.
Here’s a hint as to location -- looking roughly east.
And another ... back on the state highway, headed for home.
But note:  the CRV’s compass says we’re really going north.


  1. I'm thinking Bristlecone pine (genus Pinus, subsection Balfourianae)in the White Mountains of CA. Looks like Owens Lake in the distance in the second from last photo. Oddly for me, I'm les confident in the rock, but cross-bedding in 5th photo sure looks like sandstone- if not for that, would have guessed granodiorite or some such granitoid.

    1. right on the plant ... and its subsection, very cool. Yes, White Mountains ... that's a view of Deep Springs Lake according to the trail brochure. I agree, the 5th photo looks like sandstone but that's not what it is ... nor granitoid. That's just one of several textures, see shot 4 e.g. any other rock nominations? any other takers? Answer post will be up in the near future.