Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not your typical plant photos ... nor plant photographer

Danny at 17, on his way to victory.
Today’s post is about rodeo cowboy, PhD candidate, and photographer Danny Mullendore from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  By age 17 he had won his second bull riding belt buckle, which he later “buried with my Grandpa so he can rodeo in heaven.”  Now "some years" later, he is dedicating his life to pursuing a PhD in botany and photographing plants.
Danny and his art are featured this week at The Sparrow Moon, a blog about art, craft and daily life.  He photographs the “hidden landscapes” of dye-stained plant tissues viewed through a microscope.   Dyes accentuate the cell-wall features of different cell types resulting in striking colors and patterns -- “photo abstracts” in the words of Daniel Mosquin of Botany Photo of the Day.
Crystal Creek Stream Bed is Danny's current favorite (single layer of parenchyma cells).
I especially like the color and cell-shape patterns in Time-lapse of Salmon Run.

For more micrographs and information, check out Danny Mullendore on Etsy.  Best wishes, Danny, in all your current and future adventures.  We miss you!

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  1. Those are so cool! I love the red and blues in the second photo in particular!