Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Accordion Rocks

Accordion Rocks?
Chances are you were expecting a post about rocks, perhaps even some spectacular folds, like the bellows of a squeezebox.  But no, this is indeed a post about ...

the Accordion! -- it Rocks!!

Hollis and Cedar play in the kitchen.
Sparky abandons dropped-food patrol and flees.

It appears we're in the midst of an
Accordion Revival!

Hollis plays in the kitchen.  Lynn, obsessed,
starts dancing madly.  She can’t help herself!
Sparky has been through this before.

The Darn Accordions Marching Orchestra prepares
for the University of Wyoming Homecoming Parade.
The parade starts off with big smiles and lively music.
At 1.5 miles the Orchestra is starting to tire,
but bucks up and 
plays to the end of the parade route.

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