Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Going Home (WOE? 2)

WOE? 2-1
Two weeks ago I posted a geo-challenge with photos from my flight to California -- Where on Earth?  I didn’t recognize any of those locations from the plane, so I scanned Google Earth to figure out where they were.  On the way home it was different.  We flew further north, and I saw many familiar places.  Do you? (click on images for better views; answers at end of post)

WOE? 2-2
WOE? 2-3
WOE? 2-4
WOE? 2-5
WOE? 2-6
WOE? 2-7  Hint -- last mountain range to be named in the Lower 48
WOE? 2-8
WOE? 2-9
Where on Earth were we?  Here:
Where on Google Earth; coordinates below.
WOE? 2-1  Looking north to Death Valley
573640 m E 3935294 m N

WOE? 2-2  Red Rocks climbing area outside of Las Vegas, Nevada
637346 m E 3979023 m N

WOE? 2-3  Valley of Fire State Park northeast of Las Vegas -- the lithified remains of a huge 160-million-year-old dune field
718113 m E 4020068 m N

WOE? 2-4  Looking up the Grand Staircase; arrows point to steps (cliff bands below)
330413 m E 4098339 m N
A Grand Canyon, B Chocolate Cliffs, C Vermilion Cliffs, D White Cliffs, E Zion Canyon, F Gray Cliffs, G Pink Cliffs, H Bryce Canyon; NPS image

WOE? 2-5  The Cockscomb, one of the spectacular monoclines of the Colorado Plateau
417677 m E  4117366 m N

WOE? 2-6  Another impressive monocline, the Waterpocket Fold (east side of Capitol Reef National Park)
511707 m E 4159123 m N

WOE? 2-7  View north to the Henry Mountains.  Mt. Hillers is in the shade, but if you click on the image you can see the distinctive flatirons on the south side (blue arrow).
529802 m E 4166007 m N

WOE? 2-8  Mt. Holmes and Mt. Ellsworth, southernmost peaks of the Henrys.  Lake Powell to right.
537867 m E 4169194 m N

WOE? 2-9  Paradox Creek (blue arrow) crosses Paradox Valley, one of the bizarre salt-anticlines of the eastern Colorado Plateau
683477 m E 4238666 m N

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