Monday, June 14, 2021

Tree-following: first the good news

When I returned from my trip, I found that in just two weeks, Flash, the maple, had gone from no leaves to all leafed out, and its flower buds were opening!

But Spike, the hawthorn, is nearly bare. It has just one sickly cluster of leaves. The City arborist is to check our trees in July, and I will get the official determination then. But I'm sure this tree is done for. Last year we were told there was no guarantee on the trees. So if I want a replacement, I will have to buy one.

This is my short just-in-time report for June. Check the latest tree following news. And consider joining us, it's interesting and fun (but sometimes there's bad news).


  1. I'm glad the maple is doing well...sorry about the hawthorn. :( I'll be curious to find out what happens.

  2. Oh dear, what a shame about Spike! It'll be interesting to see if the arborist can shed any light on it.

    Good news about Flash, looking nice and leafy now.

  3. Yes your hawthorn looks ill!

    Lovely to see the maple leaf so quickly

  4. It's surprising how quickly trees go from bare branches to full leaf.
    Shame about the hawthorn, which are such good trees for wildlife. I had one on the plot which I lost to fire blight. xx

  5. Thanks everyone for your condolences. Fortunately, it is Flash the maple that's visible from the couch in the living room :)