Monday, December 14, 2020

Chokecherry Farewell

Purple-leaved chokecherry, August 2020.
Yesterday afternoon, I went to LaBonte Park to bid adieu to the chokecherry tree I followed this year. But I forgot my camera. But I had my phone. But it was a brand new (to me) smartphone (AT&T didn't want me and my little flip phone anymore). But by tapping here and there on various screens viewed through dark glasses in bright sunlight, I got what I wanted.

Last night, I learned that with just a few taps, this wondrous device would send photos to my laptop—very cool! But for the next half hour I tapped, searched, read, tapped some more and wondered, while my laptop remained oblivious to the phone "Waiting" just six inches away.
Grrrr ...
Then I heard the boing of digital media arriving. Turns out neither device was to blame—our WiFi had disconnected. But it returned, so off we go to LaBonte Park.

It was a beautiful day—cold, sunny, calm. The pond is frozen and snow-covered. But it's still too early in the season to test it, even along the margins.
Chokecherry from afar.
Sky and canopy, with the last leaves tightly huddled.
Characteristic curving stems and branches. Note the American crow eating something it found on the street (black spot left of tree).
The requisite selfie: me and my tree.

This is my final report for 2020, posted at the monthly gathering of tree-followers kindly hosted by The Squirrelbasket. Now it's time to select a tree for next year :) Want to join in the fun? Information here.


  1. The chokecherry looks beautiful in the snow!

    1. interesting, CGP, it does seem that fresh snow improves an otherwise dreary landscape

  2. Bye, chokecherry! We have one in our back woods. Graceful little trees, aren't they? Congrats on the new phone. Happy Holidays!

    1. Thank you, Beth. And best wishes to you, for happy holidays, and a good year to come. Even just a normal one would be fine!

  3. Lovely blue skies and snow - here it's just miserable rain!
    Great pictures as usual - and I'm impressed by the phone's capabilities.
    Do stay safe until all this Covid horror is over and have a lovely Christmas.
    I'm so glad you will be following again next year. Me too!
    Over the short festive break I must find time to catch up with all your other interesting blog posts, too
    Best wishes :)

    1. [oops, goofed the first time.]
      Best wishes to you as well, Pat. I also need to get back into the blogosphere, not sure why it's been so hard. Maybe I over committed in an effort to stay busy while stuck here.