Saturday, March 14, 2020

Desperate to post about a tree

One problem after another, most recently–this morning–a dead laptop, hopefully temporarily. I resurrected an old one, and in spite of being pretty demoralized (this on top of COVID 19 (I mean the craziness, I'm not sick)), I'm attempting to be part of the monthly tree-gathering, so kindly hosted by The Squirrelbasket. More news from tree followers here.

I didn't make it to LaBonte Park yesterday. After "rehearsal" during which we (University symphony orchestra) performed for ourselves, and clapped when we were done (5 weeks of work down the drain due to COVID cancellation), I went outside to snow. That would be Laramie snow, traveling sideways in the strong winds. So we went home.

Instead, we walked down to see an old tree friend, the cottonwood on the Laramie River that I followed in 2015. Here are a few photos.

Reaching and crossing the Laramie River, just a five minutes from home :).
My cottonwood friend, on far side of river, just left of center.
Crossing river on footbridge, with a bit of fresh snow from yesterday.
Ice floating downstream, probably anchor ice from river bed that cut loose.
Tree isn't doing much—of course. This is 7200 ft in the heart of the continent.
No sign of flowers or leaves. How about some bark instead? Old is furrowed, young is smooth and pale.

Best wishes to all, and stay healthy!


  1. how disappointing about your concert, but it is better to be safe, and horizontal I understand only here it is rain. The cotton wood needs that tough bark against the elements, I hope you find a tree, it can be difficult sometimes. Take care, Frances

  2. I remember that cottonwood, too! Lovely pictures - the blue sky and dusting of snow make everything look so bright and clean.
    Thank you for joining us despite everything. Sorry about the concert - here the virus means all the rugby and other sporting events were cancelled, so it has been a miserable weekend.
    All the best - and stay healthy :)

  3. Those are some lovely tree following photos, even if it wasn't the planned ones.

    Sorry to hear about the cancelled consert. The new corona virus is messing up all kinds of plans now. I'm currently planning both a lecture series about energy and climate and some choir conserts in small communities in the rural north, but I don't know if even small public gatherings will be allowed at all in 1-2 months from now.