Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Tree-Following—the Chosen One

Actually two.

I’ve chosen a tree to follow, actually two—a pair growing next to the building that houses the Department of Visual & Literary Arts at the University of Wyoming. They were planted on the order of seven years ago according to an art professor (medium oil) whom I met during my recent visit.

What kind of trees are they? I don’t know. It will be fun to figure this out as leaves, flowers and fruit appear.
They're small trees, with sturdy trunks and limbs, intricately branched canopies, and attractive mottled bark. I suppose they're an ornamental cultivar.
In keeping with the style of older buildings on campus, the wall behind the trees is covered with sandstone. These aren’t full blocks. They might be split-face stones fabricated from quarried pieces  except that there’s a suspicious uniformity about them.
Another mystery.
The art building offers opportunities for photography in the abstract, which I enjoy. It encourages creativity and concentration … compose, shoot, compose, shoot … pretty soon the rest of the world disappears.
Probably the inhabitants of this building won’t think it odd that I visit these trees monthly, photographing them and their surroundings from various heights and angles. Maybe they will think I’m just another art student.
In a shady corner behind the trees, I found a castle! Do fairies live here? This time of year it’s hard to say. Probably they go south for the winter. Or do Wyoming fairies hibernate? Maybe they’re cold-tolerant … so much to learn!

We tree-followers visit our chosen subject once a month, and share news, photos and thoughts at virtual gatherings kindly hosted by The Squirrelbasket. More information here, including how to join in the fun.


  1. Your chosen tree has gorgeous bark. The spot where your trees live will be interesting, and I like the difference from the tree you picked last year. I look forward to the process of discovery and seeing if, indeed, there are fairies in that castle.

    1. Hi Tina ... I sure hope there are fairies! I will look carefully ;)

  2. I think the bark on your trees is gorgeous too, the rich chestnut of the older bark and mottled yellow of the younger, they and the other plants make a nice contrast to the abstruct shape of the buildings, I hope the fairies are safe wherever they are, Frances

  3. The colour of the bark of that tree really is very pretty.

    Oh, and I'm sure any fairies have found a warmer and cozier place to stay during winter. Castles are lovely summer houses but they have such terribly bad insulation. :)

    1. Good point, Erika. And thanks for the chuckles! :-))

  4. Lovely bark (Prunus? Birch? I look forward to finding out).
    And great abstracts - but I do wonder what that woman was doing standing with her face to the wall...
    Entertaining as always.
    Best wishes :)

    1. Yes, she does look as if she's been assigned to stand in the corner! I will try to remember to shoot something more flattering next month.