Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tree-following: Pilgrims from the East

Being a dedicated Tree-follower, each month I report on my tree, a lance-leaf cottonwood along the Laramie River in southeast Wyoming, USA.  However this month there wasn’t much tree action, and I’ve been really busy with other things.  I was worried.  I wasn't sure I'd get a post up by the deadline.  But then three pilgrims arrived from the East -- Mary and Dave from the east side of town, and Sandy all the way from Nebraska!  They’d been reading about the cottonwood online, and wanted to see it in person (in tree?).
Sandy contemplates the cottonwood she's been reading about since February, while Mary heads downstream to identify a twittering bird.
Tree-Followers Three.
I told the visitors about Tree-following, and I hope they’ll join in the fun next year ... if Lucy is kind enough to host another round.  Sandy already “is keeping an eye on an American elm."
Left to right:  lanceleaf cottonwood, sisters Sandy and Mary, blogger Hollis.
Birder's eyes are different than mine!  Mary spotted this nest, not even six feet off the ground but well-hidden.  She and Sandy concluded it's a robin’s nest.
It’s made mainly of grass stems, last year’s kochia weed (note dried white seed heads), and lots of mud.  The birders assured me that robins like mud when it’s available ... and there’s plenty along the river.

All and all the cottonwood tree was looking good, still a healthy green.  But then we saw a branch sporting yellow leaves ... sigh.
Autumn already?!
Dave is one of Wyoming’s great fiddlers, and also composes fiddle tunes.  So it’s only fitting to end this post with Under the Cottonwoods, written and played by Dave Brinkman (Mary B on guitar).  Judging by the ending, I'd say autumn’s not far off.


  1. enjoyed 'popping across the pond' to see your cottonwood - charming post not least because your tree has been home to a robins nest. In the company of friends and Dave's fabulous fiddling, looks like a good Autumn for the cottonwood

  2. How very brilliant. We must find out many of the other trees being followed have songs of their own! Thanks Dave!

    If you get a chance to photograph the robins - it will be interesting for those of us in the UK if you post about them. They are of a different species from those we have in the UK.

    And please do tell your friends they are welcome to join in with the Loose and Leafy Tree Following at any time. They won't need to wait till next year.

    1. Thanks, Lucy. I will try to "capture" some American robins -- will be interesting as I've rarely tried to photograph birds. The robins arrive here in early spring and it's always encouraging to see them -- veritable "harbingers" (learned that word in high school but so rarely have the chance to use it ;-)

  3. How wonderful that your lovely tree now gets visitors and songs written about it. You are making it famous.

  4. Your tree is turning into a real celebrity. Nice song by the way.

    1. Thanks, Erika (and I'll tell Dave, he's happy to hear folks like his fiddling)