Saturday, August 2, 2014

Mystery Plant + three clues

Clue #1, the site:
Clue #2, habitat:
Mystery plants in foreground, coyote willows behind.
The Mystery Plant:
Several mystery plants; note red stems.

Buds, flowers and fruit.
Flowers turn pink with age.
Recognize this plant?  Or the genus or family?  It's a rare species but the genus and family are common on the Great Plains (North America).  You can offer your opinion as a Comment below.  The answer and more will follow in about a week.  Update:  Answer is HERE.

Clue #3, where on Google Earth (click on image for a closer view):


  1. Gaura neomexicana ssp coloradensis? I know nothing of American flora unless they are grown in gardens. However, it reminded me of a willowherb and I worked from there.

  2. I had no idea what kind of plant that is but wanted to thank you for your recent posts, which have been informative, enjoyable, and beautiful.