Sunday, December 8, 2013

Is there a first s’more? (an existential question)

S'more action.
The transition from Indian summer to winter last week was brutally abrupt, and the frigid arctic air mass that arrived Wednesday hasn’t left.  Everyone likes to brag about our lows of -25º F but I think having "highs" only in the single digits is worse.  In any case, it's a challenge to be joyous during the holidays.  But there's a remedy ...
... s'mores!
Ingredients:  graham crackers, chocolate bar, marshmallows.
Gear:  sticks or wires


Place chocolate on graham cracker and marshmallow on stick;
roast marshmallow as desired;
Courtesy REI.
Courtesy REI.
place hot marshmallow on chocolate;
A perfectly-roasted marshmallow.
cover with second cracker and gently mash.
Maybe this is a first’un and the next ones will be s’mores.
Our first s’mores of the season brought up an interesting question:

How can one eat
ones first s’more
if one’s not eaten
one before?

For more on s’mores, see this excellent infographic by REI (however, it doesn't address the existential question of a first s’more).