Monday, July 1, 2013

Recommended field apps for iPad mini?

Field work starts in a few weeks.  Since last season, I’ve acquired an iPad mini with GPS/data capabilities.  I'm hoping to find a GPS app that will allow me to take photos and enter notes when marking waypoints.  There must be some ... do you know of any?  If so, please let me know which you like via Comments below, or by email (hollis dot marriott at gmail).  Thanks!
My new toy tool.
My first project is at Devils Tower National Monument in the Black Hills in northeast Wyoming, finishing up a plant inventory started last year.  The Tower is the most amazing rock I’ve ever seen, even after ca 50 years of looking!  El Capitán in Yosemite Valley comes close, but it’s part of a landscape of similar features.  Not so Devils Tower.  It stands alone -- a beautiful and puzzling igneous intrusion in an otherwise sedimentary setting, the valley of the Belle Fourche River.
"The Devil's Tower on the Belle Fourche in northern Wyoming."  By Thomas Moran, 1894.

For more information about Devils Tower, see last year's posts


  1. That's a good question. I think I settled on Evernote, but it's not exactly suitable. It geotags notes but it's not simple to pull the GPS position back out to use outside the app. Catch was also interesting when I looked at it.

    There was a good looking Ethnography app that would work well, but it seems that needs a back-up server that's geared at large companies.

  2. thanks, Alun, I will look at these.