Monday, March 18, 2013

Urban Ice

Jack Frost has kindly contributed artwork for a blog post while I continue with my minuscule contribution to a healthy GDP, and negotiate the colossal maze that is the American tax code.
Spring is on its way.  The river has thawed, with old sheets of ice along the banks and floes headed downstream.  The Easter daisies are in bud.  It’s crazy windy.  Winter isn’t over though -- there still are exhibitions of fresh ice art early in the morning as I discovered a few days ago, and then ran back inside to get the camera.
Someone dropped their tiara in the leaves and other debris ...
... along the curb!

The next morning I had more time, and I set out looking specifically for urban ice.  It turned out to be much more common than I thought, and I found it in unexpected places ...
Abraham Lincoln for scale.
 ... for example in mud puddles made by trucks!
I wandered around the packing sheds looking at frozen mud puddles.  It was an enjoyable and productive expedition, though the drivers there probably thought it somewhat odd.
Frozen mud is intriguing too.
And my favorite:
... with tire tracks for scale:
Nature is always creating beauty, even in urban landscapes.  One just has to pay attention!


  1. Beautiful photos. Indeed, nature is always creating beauty.

    1. Thanks, Anne ... yes, we're lucky to have such things!