Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sparky!

Sparky, the dorky adolescent.
When I agreed to adopt a 4-month-old “Australian-shepherd-mix” eleven years ago, no one told me he had already had five owners, nor that he was born on April Fools’ Day.  The first few months with him were crazy, and I wondered over and over if I had done the right thing.  Then at some point I realized I was finding his somersaults rather endearing, and when I discovered I could stop his hiccups by petting him, he became My Dog.

Now, eleven years later, Sparky may not be the best dog but he's close!  He definitely is “The Most Improved” and is the archetypal kid's best friend ... the kid being me.
Within a few months Sparky had grown into his ears, and now is quite
the good-looking guy.  Here he enjoys the views in eastern Nevada.

Who could not love a dog that plays with empty 5-gallon buckets!
Sparky the Australian bucket-dog tosses a bucket in the air with his head.
When it lands on the concrete slab, it makes quite a racket -- which he loves.
Rolling in leaves is really fun too.

Sparky is always up for a field trip or a hike, the more remote the better.

Like so many dogs, Sparky is a great role model, often reminding me to enjoy life more.
Sparky catches rain drops with his tongue.
After an outing, there's nothing better than a nap!


  1. Awwww.... happy birthday Sparky!! He's so handsome, and so clever with those buckets!! :)

  2. Sparky says: arf arf! i.e. thanks!

  3. We have an Australian Shepherd, so I can totally relate to Sparky's unique personality.Happy Birthday Sparky! What a beautiful dog.

    1. Lola ... so sorry I didn't see your comment (3 years ago!), not sure that you'll get this, but just in case ... thanks very much! Spark is now gone ;-(( but replaced by Emmie who is super fun too