Saturday, February 4, 2012

The photo not taken

Another magical winter morning -- cold and still, fresh snow, frosted trees, ice decorations along the river -- all in soft gray fog and very fine snow.  I wish I could share what I saw on my walk this morning, but it was impossible to photograph; I didn’t even try.

Fortunately, in my mind I can still picture the intriguing dances of light that sprang up when the sun began to shine through the mist.  I was looking east across the river when the fine snow condensing out of the fog started to sparkle with bursts of golden light.  Each flake flashed for an instant when at just the right angle ... soon there were hundreds of sparkling dancing tiny snowflakes!

It looked as though someone were pouring very fine gold into the river.  All I could do was stay and enjoy the moment.  Such dynamic and ephemeral beauty is for the eye and the mind, but not for the camera.

Now back at home the sun is shining through the frost on the window ...

... and everyone is happy!

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