Saturday, October 8, 2011

First Snow of the Season

First Snow of the season in Laramie, Wyoming, 2011;
dog for scale.

This morning, Looking for Detachment posted on the First Snow of 2011 near Austin somewhere in Nevada.  Now, a few hours later, the first flakes of the season are falling in Laramie, Wyoming.

Grace Hebard decorating Christmas tree
in Laramie, Wyoming, 1917

First Snow is a popular topic here, and probably everywhere with real winters.  Ours is late this year, “it always snows sometime in September” or at least by early October or maybe this isn’t so late after all.  Such is the nature of our weather, variable on a scale that makes it difficult to see real patterns, tempted instead by pareidolia, our propensity to see patterns that aren't really there.  Thankfully we have folks collecting data!  But we know the winters used to be much worse ... 'cause that’s what the old-timers always tell us.

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  1. Our first snow came at a rather average time, but after no real cold spells, it came suddenly and was unexpected (though forecast). And some of our first snows have been just dustings. This time the stores didn't even have any ice melt!

    (We are closer to the eastern part of the state, and at 6500 feet. I just don't blog the name of the town.)